n each important juncture of the modern and contemporary Chinese history, there are always the figures and screams of Chin Woo people. The development history of Chin Woo reflects the steps and traces of modern and contemporary Chinese history. The people’s dignity, righteousness and rejuvenation are not only the life and soul of our people but also the spirit of Chin Woo people.

In the past over one hundred years, the influence of Chin Woo radiated all over the world, and Chin Woo athletic association had been built in over 50 countries and regions successfully. Chin Woo has become a human bounding connecting overseas Chinese and the motherland and an important symbol through which the world learns and understands the traditional Chinese culture.

In the present one hundred years, "Chin Woo Athletic Federation" is gestating "Chin Woo Globe Escort", which is taken as the strength for inheritance to be passed on from generation to generation.